A Calendar of Realistic Smiles

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How to realistically smile every month of the year? How to use the dynamic specific to each season, from the domineering cold of winter to the obsessive yellow of autumn, to bring energy, prosperity, and good will into your life, your mind, and your soul? Eccentric, pragmatic, and provocatively optimistic, the book "A Calendar of Realistic Smiles" can be the perfect gift:

​​​​​​​For you, if you want a quick intro to self-coaching on the theme of realistic positivity.
​​​​​​​For your loved ones, if you want a best practice guide for organizing, communicating, networking, and getting results.
​​​​​​​For your colleagues and your friends, if you want to get them something nice and action-inspiring!

​​​​​​​From December to November, month by month, the 4 authors show you how to replace fatigue with energy. From the mountains of Macin to the land of the Rising Sun, the book inspires you and teaches you how to choose your holiday locations wisely. From spring asthenia to after-holiday sport, authors share their experience of turning every part of the year into a useful resource!

​​​​​​​A mosaic of bright thoughts and tested actions that give you the additional motivation you need before Santa comes and after he leaves, for the rest of the year!
​​​​​​​A pocketbook, full of provocative ideas, not at all pretentious, to discover and apply especially when you get bored or not in the mood for the things you know you should take care of!
​​​​​​​A guide of the year, of each month, including reports and perspectives of the authors about everyday life, as it is oud in present day Romania, with the joys and troubles of the present, but also with confidence in an ever better, brighter future!
​​​​​​​A palette of practical, easy-to-test ideas to embellish your perceptions of what is happening to you or, at least, to stop dramatizing and to start enjoying what you already have!
​​​​​​​A personal travel assistant, who recommends, with arguments, where to go in what part of the year, to make the most of everything the universe has to offer!
​​​​​​​A small pragmatic coaching treatise in the self-coaching version that explains some simple ways to start understanding and acting on some topics that don't give you peace!

To know how to live to the fullest in the season that best mirrors your personality and to want to find, in the rest of the year, strength and beauty, in nature and in people, starting with yourself… this is the subject of the book. The snow wings of winter, the empathic creativity of spring, the multicolored practical ideas of summer and the petals of pragmatic change of autumn, come together, in one place, in the first book of the Mozaic Collection.